Trash is picked-up on Monday and Thursday with Monday being "bulky item" day.  Residents may put out a total of 3 bulky items, i.e. furniture, carpet, each Monday. 

Recycling is done every Wednesday and is separated by paper/cardboard one week, glass/bottles the next. The schedule can be found by clicking the Borough Calendar or you can bring items to the DPW between 7:30AM and 2:30PM on weekdays.

Here is a handy list of how certain items can be disposed of

Why recycle? In part, because it saves tax money. For every ton of collected recycling, the Borough saves $72.00 on tipping fees (the cost to dump the garbage). Additionally, the NJ DEP has a Recycling Tonnage Grant Program in which municipalities are paid for the quantity of recycled materials. For example, clicking here will demonstrate the Borough earned over $11,000 in 2010 by recycling. So please recycle, not only is it good for the environment, creates jobs and economic activity but saves tax dollars.