Board of Health

The Borough contracts with Bergen County for health services.  To report a public health nuisance, please call (551) 341-2830.  

Click here to file a noise complaint in regards to Teterboro Airport

Procedure To Obtain A Health License:

Complete the Application for Food Establishment or Temporary Food Event - Vendor Application and submit to the Board Secretary at Borough Hall. The Board Secretary will review the application to ensure it is complete. If the application is complete, the Board Secretary will call you to schedule an inspection; if the application is incomplete, the Board Secretary will call you to obtain missing documentation.

Rats or other vermin
Every so often, the Board will receive a complaint in regards to rats. Rats are a common wildlife "nuisance" that thrive when food is readily available. If you see a rat on your property or in your neighborhood, please click here to learn more.

Contact Information

Secretary: Marisa Clarino
Phone: (551) 341-2830