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You must include contact information, at a minimum name and phone number, for us to respond.

Please read the FAQ on street light outages when submitting a notification that one is out. PSE&G is responsible for maintaining the lights and they require specific information.

See high grass or weeds? See someone working without a permit? Want to report a pothole? Please complete the following information so we can look into it.

FAQ - How to report a street light outage

PSE&G is responsible for repairing and maintaining street lights. The Borough does not repair street lights.

Twice a month the Borough inspects the street lights and provides PSE&G with a list of lights that are out. 
When reporting a street light that is out, it is important to be as specific as possible.
Pole numbers are ideal for PSE&G to repair the outage as soon as possible. 
If you do not know the pole number, please describe in detail where the pole is located by street address (ex: in front of 215 Liberty Street or directly across the street from 215 Liberty Street).

NOTE: You must include your name and contact information. If you are reporting illegal housing, you MUST leave your name in the box below. All claims of illegal rentals/overcrowding must be credible and verifiable to be inspected by our staff.