Community Pass On-line Registration Info

Welcome to
Creating Your Community Pass Household/Family Account

Instructions for creating an account in
“Community Pass”
(Little Ferry Recreation)
New On-Line Registration Software).

1. Go online and type in: (or click)

2. For your first time, just set up your account with your household information.
This will make your first on-line registration or your next in-person registration more efficient and faster!

3. The Community Pass Welcome Screen comes up. Now you set up your household account.

A.   On the Left side, “Welcome New User,
  • Click ,“Create a New Account for Your Family Now”
  • Fill in all the requested information
     a) Log In Information:  Create a User Name and a Password.
    b) Input all requested Family/ Household  Information:  Name, address etc.
    c) Please complete the following information to make your next make registration faster for either you or our office:
    d) Click on ‘Home” then Click on  “update Account  information”
    e) Click “edit” by your Name and fill in your birthdate then click “edit information”
    f) Next to ‘Individual Information’, at this time you may add any other children and adults in your household who will be registering for programs and the requested information; then click “edit information”.
    g) Click on “edit” by “Emergency Information” fill in the information then click “edit information”.

B. Now you are finished!